What to Consider When Cutting Down a Leaning Tree

Cutting down any tree is a serious undertaking with lots of risks. For this reason, many people rely on expert tree removal services. Having professional help is especially vital when cutting down a leaning tree. 

A dangerous tree leaning towards your home or other property can cause severe damage. You’ll need to redirect the tree to fall in another direction, which can be very difficult. However, arborists use some methods to cut down leaning trees while avoiding injury and unexpected tree breakage.

This quick guide will explore what you should know about cutting down a leaning tree. It will also cover when to contact a tree service contractor in Hot Springs.

Start by Making a Detailed Plan 

Before cutting any tree, you should start by having a step-by-step plan. For example, determine if a tree is close to your home or building. Then, see if the tree is close to powerlines or neighboring trees. 

You should also determine if the tree is in danger of falling. A tree in danger of collapsing will impact the direction it falls. If you’re not sure you can handle a tree’s fall, it’s better to call a professional team. 

Gather the Correct Equipment

To make a tree fall in its opposite leaning direction, you’ll need the following equipment: 

  • Extension or tripod ladder and rigging equipment 
  • Chainsaw and shears 
  • Rope 
  • A mallet or sledgehammer
  • Felling wedges
  • Safety equipment, including long pants, sturdy work gloves, eye and hearing protection, and steel-toed boots

Other Precautions to Take 

Having the right equipment is the first step. However, there are several other precautions you’ll need in place, including: 

  • Having a first aid kit on standby 
  • Informing any neighbors who might be affected 
  • Ensuring you have the proper permits or permissions from your local government to perform the task 
  • Having at least one assistant who can help you complete the job or call 9/11 if something happens 

The Tree Cutting Process

Cutting down a leaning tree entails the following steps: 

Start by Cutting Branches

It’s common for leaning trees to have more branches and vegetation growing on one side. This extra weight puts more pressure on one side. Therefore, it can lead to dangerous breakages if not appropriately handled.

To start, you should cut off a tree’s branches before cutting into its trunk. Furthermore, you should first secure your ladder to the tree using a rope. The rope will prevent you or your ladder from falling or slipping.

Then, lift the chainsaw using a rope instead of scaling the tree with the chainsaw in hand. Start by removing small and medium-sized branches before handling larger branches. 

Removing the tree’s limbs will lower your tree’s center of gravity. As a result, you’ll help the falling process go more smoothly. 

Making the Tree Fall in the Right Direction    

Start by making a notch cut in the direction you want your tree to fall. This V-shaped cut must be at a 45-degree angle, roughly a quarter inside the tree’s trunk. Then, on the tree’s opposite side, make a straight-line cut. 

Don’t remove your chainsaw, and drive in the necessary wedges using your mallet or sledgehammer. You’ll want to drive in the required wedges until the tree is straight again. If this process isn’t working, the tree will be unsafe to fall. 

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