What Do Trees Need To Live in Malvern, AR?

If you want your trees to grow big and strong, you’re probably wondering, “What do trees need to live in Malvern, AR?” Our reputable tree service in Malvern will explain how to help your tree live a long, healthy life.

What Do Trees Need To Live in Malvern?

Some trees grow in the wild for over five thousand years, so it doesn’t seem like it would be so hard to get them to grow in your yard. However, cities and suburbs present more risks to trees than swaying in the middle of a lush forest or jungle.

Humans do a lot of things that impair tree health. For instance, in recent years, crowning has become a popular way to prevent the overgrowth of trees. However, it diminishes the vitality of trees, causes regrowth issues, and weakens trees so they are more likely to fall.

Most people also wrongly believe trees automatically thrive because they come from nature. But nature in the suburbs differs from nature in the wild because we’ve changed the environment to suit our needs more than the needs of trees. And for people living in the concrete jungles of big cities, it’s even worse.

Follow these steps to help enhance root health and more.

Plant Trees Strategically

Trees need sunlight for photosynthesis. This process helps trees capture carbon dioxide and water for food. They expel oxygen, which is good for both people and the planet. A tree service can help you choose where to plant.

Provide the Right Amount of Water

Trees need water, but most species don’t enjoy swimming in it. Oversaturation of tree roots encourages disease and rot. A professional tree service can show you the right way to water trees according to:

  • Tree type
  • Mulch
  • Drought
  • Rain

Malvern also gets more rain than many other places, even if it remains hot for long stretches. Be sure to factor the weather into your watering schedule.

Fertilize Your Trees

What do trees need to live a long life? Fertilizer is the answer. Trees have access to an abundance of nutrients in the wild, nutrients that residential soil is often sorely lacking. The soil quality in most yards is barely good enough to keep trees alive. A professional arborist can correct this for you.

Use Mulch

Mulch does the following:

  • Insulates tree roots
  • Reduces the risk of pest infestations
  • Helps prevent damage caused by dry soil

To get the most benefits from mulch:

  • Remove the grass underneath the tree.
  • Use 2 to 4 inches of mulch.
  • Avoid covering the trunk with mulch.

Professional tree handlers can spread mulch correctly.

Prune When the Tree Is Dormant

Pruning when the tree is dormant reduces the stress on the tree because it’s not blooming. The tree heals faster from pruning nicks and slashes during this time. Trees are dormant during the fall, winter, and early spring. That means many diseases are, too. And pruning a leafless tree makes it easier to follow the tree’s structure.

A tree service understands how to prune according to the tree’s needs.

Urban Jacks Tree Service Ensures a High Quality of Life for Trees 

Urban Jacks Tree Service helps Malvern properties flourish with a love of nature and a green thumb. If you want to make your trees healthy so they live for years to come, we are happy to help you do that. We can prove why “yes” is the answer to, “Does trimming dead branches help a tree?” 

Stop waiting to enrich your property with the bounty of trees. By now, you should feel confident that we know everything about, “What do trees need to live in Malvern?” so call us at 501-494-1363. Your cherished trees will thrive under our care.


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