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Tree Fertilization Services in Hot Springs, Little Rock & Bryant, Arkansas Area

Regular, professional fertilization will keep your trees strong and beautiful! Mature trees are valuable assets – they provide shade, stability against erosion, and add beauty to our landscapes. Protecting these priceless assets is important because once you lose a mature tree, it can’t be replaced.

A program of regularly scheduled, professional fertilization treatments is vital in protecting these irreplaceable resources. When you fertilize your trees, you replace the necessary minerals and nutrients that are missing from the soil. Professional tree fertilization will:

  •  Keep your trees lush and beautiful.
  •  Prolong the life of your trees.
  •  Restore the health of some sick trees.
  •  Ward off pathogens – the microorganisms that can cause disease.


Tree Injection Services from Urban Jacks Tree Service 

In some cases, Urban Jacks Tree Services recommends tree injections to ensure predictable results when protecting trees.

Reasons we recommend injections into a trees root flare:

  • Injecting the root flare heals a tree greater than injecting the trunk tissue
  • The root flare is made up of xylem or sapwood that provides faster uptake and enhanced distribution throughout the trunk and canopy of the tree
  • Roots allow for sideways movement of the injectable which results in more even crown distribution

We take each of our customers’ situations and come up with a treatment plan that will best fit their needs. We offer our services in Little Rock, Bryant, and the surrounding areas. Call us today to schedule an appointment at (501) 547-4018.


Tree Health and Fertilization Services for Hot Springs, Little Rock & Bryant, Arkansas and Surrounding Areas

Trees are important in our lives as they provide vital natural resources for our communities, homes, and yards. Trees shade our homes and streets and beautify our landscape and cities. Trees are effective in cooling urban areas, using carbon dioxide from the air, reducing water runoff and soil erosion, and improving our environment overall. 

Since trees are whole systems, one part of the tree can affect all the others, which means any sign of disease or distress will spread. Providing long-term, proactive care can help the tree defend itself and improve its health and longevity. 

At Urban Jacks Tree Service, being proactive and understanding what a tree requires is our goal. Our tree care services are available throughout Little Rock, Bryant, and surrounding areas.


Trust the Professionals From Urban Jacks Tree Service in Little Rock AR and Bryant AR and the Surrounding Area

At Urban Jacks Tree Service, we always strive to create great customer service all around. Our customers choose us because we practice unparalleled attention to detail and focus on building relationships with our clients so we can fully understand their needs. In addition, our expert crew will always treat your property as if it were our own.

We don’t cut any corners and will always do our best to ensure that your property is cleaner than we found it. Create the lawn that you’ve always dreamed of with Urban Jacks Tree Service experts. For a tree care and maintenance company that cares about you and your property, call Urban Jacks Tree Service.

We offer our services in Little Rock, Bryant, and surrounding areas. Call us today to schedule an appointment at (501) 547-4018.

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