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Tree Cabling & Bracing Services in Hot Springs, AR

Trees are integral to property value and keep a landscape looking lush. However, a healthy tree may begin to grow irregularly and develop unhealthy growth patterns.

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What Is Tree Cabling and Tree Bracing?

Tree cabling, or tree bracing, are preventative measures to aid the tree’s posture and growth. When a tree starts to grow in a way that may stunt its lifespan, it might need support to correct its stance. These solutions are effective in younger and otherwise healthy trees with a long life of potential growth.

After inspecting the tree, an arborist will determine whether or not the tree can handle tree bracing and cabling. Trees that show extreme signs of decomposition from weather, injury, or age will likely not benefit from reparative efforts.

If the arborist concludes that the tree will benefit, they will require time to work. Furthermore, after applying the reinforcement, they will need to regularly monitor the cabling system to gauge its efficacy.

How Do Tree Cabling and Tree Bracing Systems Work?

Tree services that offer cable and bracing will use numerous tools to hoist the parts of the tree into place. The tools they use depend on the system and support a tree needs.

For example, a tree requiring extreme reconstructive aid will typically involve a cable system. However, a tree that needs substantial assistance only in a few areas will require a bracing system.

Cable Systems

Cable systems consist of flexible steel wires that ease a tree limb’s weight and reinforce structural integrity. These steel wires may connect at different pressure points of the tree to cohesively restore the tree as one unit. In addition, the cable system will mitigate the tree and encourage directive growth, acting as a protective net.

Bracing Systems

Bracing systems differ in that they aid the tree on an individual basis. Rather than using a connective system like cables, braces require drilling rods into isolated parts of the tree. As a result, bracing rods and brackets work well for repairing small splits that impact the entire tree.

Both cable and bracing systems provide long-term solutions for a tree needing reconstructive growth assistance. These systems are weatherproof to ensure year-round support. They are also  resistant to high winds.

If the tree develops positive signs of growth within a year, that’s good news. The help of tree bracing and cabling will likely continue to work.

Common Tree Issues That Require Tree Cabling and Bracing

Whether naturally occurring or stemming from trauma, a disabled tree displays worrisome growth signs. The closer a tree’s disfigurement is to the trunk or base, the more corrective measures it will need. Without a strong foundation, the tree will struggle to maintain successful growth patterns in other areas.

Common growth patterns that may require tree services include:

  • V-Crotch trees: V-Crotch trees split into a V at the base of the tree trunk. This V shape may lead to further splitting.
  • Overextended trees: Overextended trees typically have drooping branches that worsen with ample foliage. Deciduous trees fall into this category.
  • Poorly anchored trees: Transplanted trees that struggle to establish a proper root system may benefit from tree cable bracing.

Benefits of Tree Cabling and Bracing

Tree cabling and bracing deliver many advantages in restoring split or damaged trees. Below are several of the most common reasons to seek a cable and bracing tree service.

Prevent Tree Failure

Preventing tree removal is the most sought-after reason to consider tree cabling or bracing. A tree facing a grim end may thrive again after an arborist’s intervention. In some cases, cabling or bracing is a tree’s only hope for survival.

Cabling and bracing can also prevent injury or death. A large, damaged tree is liable to fall without reinforcement.

Protect Statement Trees 

Statement trees in urban areas or historical standing may need support with age. Tree cabling & bracing services in Hot Springs AR, allow prominent trees to stand without excessive strain. However, important trees need not hold the weight alone for preservation purposes.

Avoid Structural Damage

Huge trees with a mature age or large limbs pose a risk when growing too close to a nearby structure. You like don’t want to remove the tree but want to ensure that your home does not incur any damage. Therefore, tree cabling and bracing may be your best solution.

Heal Injuries

Injuries caused by tree trimming or corrective pruning may interrupt the tree’s growth pattern. These injuries may also come from storm damage and elemental factors. Without vital branches, trees may need help to regain balance and adjust to the new weight distribution.

When to Enlist Arborist Services 

If you’re like most homeowners, you care deeply about the survival of your trees. If you notice unusual growth patterns, it may be time to contact an arborist. However, before you make the call, know that:

  • To ensure your tree’s success, an arborist will need to visit your property for inspections at least twice a year.
  • Though a tree service will do everything possible to care for your tree, the tree may not survive. Trees in a compromised state or of a mature age are the most likely to fail.
  • The tree must have enough healthy wood for potential drilling and bolting. Tree cabling and bracing are not viable options for decaying or rotting wood.

Tree Cabling & Bracing Services in Hot Springs, AR

Urban Jacks Tree Service is the leading arborist in Garland County and surrounding areas. Our family-owned and operated business offers award-winning services at competitive pricing for all your tree needs. Our licensed and insured experts have the knowledge to help identify and treat your tree’s health issues.

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