Tree Removal Permit Guidelines in Little Rock, AR

If you have a tree in or near your property that you’d like to remove, don’t start chopping just yet! Depending on several factors like the location, condition, and size of the tree, you might need to get a government-issued tree removal permit first.

For your convenience, our leading tree-care experts at Urban Jacks Tree Service are here to share some general removal permit guidelines in Little Rock, AR.

Removing a Tree Inside Private Property

Little Rock, like the rest of Arkansas, is home to an abundance of trees. In fact, more than half of the state is composed of forest cover.  

Because of the dense growth in the area coupled with the fact that no known pests or diseases plague one type of tree, there are generally no permit requirements to remove trees on private properties — with a few exceptions.

Larger, older trees might require a removal permit because they likely have a deeper root system that can damage nearby plumbing or utility lines. If you want to err on the side of caution, reach out to our tree removal services in Little Rock for professional insight.

Removing a Tree on Public Land

If all or part of a tree you want to remove is on public land, the process becomes a bit more complicated as you will need a tree removal permit. We recommend visiting your local government office and making an inquiry since the procedures can vary from city to city.

After properly submitting your request, a city official will visit the tree and determine whether or not you can remove it. They will grant you a permit if one or more of the following conditions exist:

●      The tree is less than three inches in caliper

●      The tree is injured, diseased, or otherwise unlikely to survive even with professional care

●      The tree’s nearby proximity to a proposed structure will likely cause damage to both the plant and the building over time

●      The tree threatens the structural integrity of nearby existing or future public facilities

Can I Cut the Tree on My Own?

Getting your project approved is only half the battle since the actual tree removal process can be a challenging task. Some people might want to handle it on their own, but we personally advise against it.

Large trees can cause severe structural damage and even bodily harm when removed without the right equipment and experience. 

By hiring a proficient tree removal team, you can safeguard your property and give yourself peace of mind.

You can also consult with our team of professional tree care specialists for new tree care tips.

Get Help From Trusted Tree Removal Experts

If you want tree removal done the right way, look no further than our team at Urban Jacks Tree Service. Thousands in Little Rock trust us with their home or business because we offer:

●      Safety and proficiency. The safety of our clients and their property is our top priority. Owing to our training, experience, and state-of-the-art equipment, we can minimize the risks during every step of the tree removal process.

●      Competitive rates. We believe that tree removal services should be affordable and budget-friendly to all Little Rock property owners.

●      Cleanliness. We work hard to make sure your property is free of tree debris after finishing the project.

●      Assurance. Our services are fully licensed and insured to offer you peace of mind.

●      Free estimates. We offer free, no-obligation estimates for every project.

If you have more questions about tree removal permit requirements or would like to request a free quote for your Little Rock, AR tree service, please call us at (501) 547-4018 today!


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