Should a Standing Dead Tree Be Removed in Malvern, AR?

Do you have a standing dead tree in your yard? Should you leave it alone as a natural habitat or remove it for safety concerns? It’s a common dilemma faced by many property owners.

As a top-ranking tree service in Malvern, our team at Urban Jacks knows much about landscaping and its many facets. Keep reading as we help you navigate this tricky decision and provide valuable insights.

Confirm Your Tree’s Condition First

A seemingly dead tree might still have life in it. If the specimen in question has sentimental value, the last thing you want is to hastily cut it down.

Start by scratching a small spot on the trunk or one of its branches. If you find green tissue underneath, the plant might recover with proper tree care. You should also watch out for the following signs of death or irreversible damage:

  • Brittle, dry branches
  • Peeling or cracked bark
  • Fungal bodies or mushrooms growing at the tree base
  • A lean that has developed recently
  • Branch dieback
  • Widespread foliage changes

Why not bring in an arborist for a professional tree assessment? Their trained eye will spot details you might miss, helping to give you peace of mind.

Why Get a Tree Removal for Your Yard?

A standing dead tree is a ticking time bomb that warrants prompt attention in most cases. The longer you leave it unchecked, the more you risk the following.


Dead trees are like a magnet for insects and wildlife. They provide an ideal habitat for pests such as termites, ants, and beetles, which can quickly invade and spread.

These may even attract larger wildlife seeking shelter, which leads to potential havoc in your yard. If they lie in a remote or sparsely populated part of your property, this might not become a big issue. It can even help the local ecosystem by providing a natural habitat for these creatures.

Bodily Injuries

A dead tree poses a significant threat to personal safety. Its brittle branches may fall without warning on unsuspecting passersby.

The whole tree might even topple with enough damage to its internal structure. Why wait for a nasty accident when you can take preventative measures now?

Property Damage

Those same falling debris can also wreak havoc on your home, vehicle, or other structures. All it takes is a single storm or a strong gust of wind for a hefty branch to come crashing down on your roof or a power line.

A Disease Outbreak

Decomposing trees house harmful microorganisms that spread to nearby healthy flora. Prevalent pathogens in Arkansas, such as oak wilt and Dutch elm disease, can wipe out entire yards when left unaddressed.

Lowered Property Value

A gnarly, leafless tree will make your otherwise beautiful landscape look neglected and unkempt. It might turn off prospective buyers or tenants!

Even if you don’t plan to part ways with your home or commercial space anytime soon, maintaining its visual appeal is always a smart move.

Your Go-To Tree Services in Malvern, AR

Don’t let a standing dead tree compromise the safety and beauty of your outdoor space. The Urban Jacks crew has you covered.

Our swift tree removal work will free your yard for new projects and restore your peace of mind. Depending on your needs, we can also suggest suitable replacements. Many in Malvern have already unlocked the full potential of their landscapes with our help, and we can’t wait to do the same for you.

We also provide:

  • Scheduled tree trimming
  • Tree stump grinding
  • Fertilization

Dial (501) 494-1363, or read more of our blog to learn the difference between stump grinding vs. removal


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