Does Trimming Dead Branches Help a Tree in Malvern, AR?

Tree trimming and pruning are essential tree care services that promote healthy plant growth and improved property safety. These services often include removing dead tree limbs from otherwise healthy trees. But how does trimming dead branches help a tree?

Urban Jacks Tree Service is a top-rated tree service in Malvern, Arkansas offering some of the community’s best tree trimming and pruning services. Here, we explain what pruning deadwood for tree improvement could do for your property.

Why Healthy Trees Have Dead Branches

Some branches on mature trees will die as part of the plant’s life cycle. Trees can focus their energy on growth around the top of their canopy, which gets lots of sunlight. To conserve energy, trees can sacrifice limbs that get less sun exposure. 

Trees can also have diseases or suffer from storm damage, resulting in dead or dying branches. If you notice signs of a tree disease or pest infestation early, you can prevent the affliction from spreading to other areas by trimming dead limbs for tree health.

The Impact of Removing Dead Branches

So does trimming dead branches help a tree grow healthily? Yes!

Expertly pruning dead or dying branches from a tree ensures the plant can divert its energy to its healthy limbs. It can also drastically reduce the risk of dead branches breaking off the tree and falling onto a person, building, or vehicle. Fallen tree branches can cause major property damage and injuries, so pruning is necessary. 

Top Benefits of Pruning Dead Branches

Improving tree health by cutting dead branches requires a lot of skill, training, and execution of tree pruning best practices. Successful tree trimming and pruning can lead to these benefits:

Improved Safety

Storms in Malvern and the surrounding communities are notorious for producing strong winds. When trees with weak dead branches encounter intense wind, those weakened branches are the first part of the tree to break off. They can also snap under the weight of snow. 

In either case, those limbs pose major risks to property and safety. You can prune the dangerous parts from an affected tree to minimize your property’s hazards. 

Better Visual Appeal

Beautiful, well-cultivated trees can enhance your property’s aesthetics. By removing dead branches, you can ensure your tree is full of healthy limbs with stunning foliage.

You can also trim healthy branches in a safe, effective way to give the plant a clearly defined shape or structure. Regardless if you’re cutting a dead or healthy branch, it’s best to prune the limb down to its branch collar.

Promotion of Healthy Tree Growth

If you start trimming trees while they’re young, the strategic cuts can improve their health. Regular trimming makes trees more sturdy by ensuring there’s enough space throughout the tree’s canopy to grow new, stronger interior branches. 

Reduced Risk of Tree Disease and Infestation

The healthier a tree is, the better it can protect itself from pests and disease. Contact a local arborist for treatment if you notice potential problems like mushrooms around your tree’s base or beetles and carpenter ants around the plant.

Improve Your Trees’s Health With Professional Trimming and Pruning Services

Does trimming dead branches help a tree? It sure does!

Urban Jacks Tree Service is the team to call if you need help with the removal of dead limbs on your trees to keep them healthy, safe, and beautiful. As an ISA-certified arborist and Better Business Bureau-accredited company in Malvern, Arkansas, we can handle any tree care job. Our experienced professionals do it all, from enhancing tree vitality with trimming to tree cabling and bracing for added growth and stability.

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