When Is the Best Time of the Year to Transplant Trees?

Have you ever thought that you planted a tree in the wrong place? Many homeowners experiencing this thought often wonder when is the best time of year to transplant trees. The answer varies depending on several factors, though you should also consider why you want to move the tree in the first place.

Let’s explore why and when to transplant a tree with the best service for tree health care in Hot Springs, AR.

Why Would I Transplant a Tree?

Transplanting a tree may seem like an extreme measure, but many reasons exist for this practice. Some grounds for moving a tree from one location to another include:

Improve the View

Homeowners planting trees in their yard typically have an idea of how they want their landscape to look. However, trees tend to grow how they want to, sometimes ruining the ideal view you had of your yard. Transplanting a tree can help you reorganize your landscape.

More Sky Access

The amount of sun, shade, and rain differ according to the type of tree, making it crucial that you place them where they can best grow. Sometimes, the growth of other plants and trees detract more than expected from the amount of sky access a growing tree has. When this happens, the best option consists of digging the sapling up by its tree roots and moving it to a better location.

More Growth Than Expected

Just like undergrowth should cause concern, overgrowth can ruin your ideal landscape or starve other plants and trees nearby. If a tree grows taller or wider than expected, moving it now can save you from further issues in the future.

When Should I Transplant a Tree?

When wondering about the best time of year to transplant trees, you might also wonder why it’s so important to move them at the right time. Relocating a tree during the wrong time can cause the tree to suffer from transplant shock, a condition that can injure a tree or kill it. By taking the extra care to only move trees during strategic times, you can ensure the long and healthy life of every tree in your landscape.

The basic rule of thumb for transplanting trees dictates that you should only move them during the fall or spring. For the best results, you should only move a tree while dormant, since moving them while in active leaf could make them more vulnerable to transplant shock. Homeowners should also remember that any tree could fail during the transplant process, making it extremely important that professional tree specialists handle this sensitive operation.

Transplanting a tree during the winter can also cause problems for a tree. Cold weather can cause frost to develop in the soil, endangering the roots of transplanted trees. Another problem with transplanting into frozen soil consists of the fact that hard, cold grounds make it more difficult to dig the new hole and successfully reintroduce the tree.

Let the Professionals Help You With Tree Transplanting in Hot Springs, AR

If you’re wondering, “When is the best time of year to transplant trees,” working with tree experts can help you safely and effectively move a tree to a new location. While no one can promise that a tree will survive transplantation, experienced tree specialists use specific equipment and techniques to do the best they can to keep it alive. Whether you want to transplant a tree or wonder, “Can you plant a tree where one was removed,” call Urban Jacks Tree Service in Hot Springs, AR, at (501) 547-4018 to learn more.


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