The Concise Fall Tree Care Guide

Fall tree care helps your trees survive the winter and fosters healthy growth in spring. You can take several measures to protect your trees, and autumn is the perfect time for tree maintenance. Contact Arkadelphia’s reliable tree service experts for tree care tips and professional assistance to keep your trees robust throughout the colder months. 

Trees require minimal maintenance, but with some encouragement, they will live longer, grow stronger, and resist pests and diseases. We’ve broken down the varying aspects of tree care into four categories. Read the following to learn how to protect your trees for the upcoming winter. 

Watering Your Tree Roots

You must water your trees correctly during the fall. Trees also sustain drought stress during the winter months, similar to the other seasons. However, overwatering encourages growth that won’t withstand the cold winter. 

Stop watering your tree roots completely in early fall, until the deciduous trees lose all their leaves. Not watering will bring on a dormant state, which helps the tree store nutrients it needs for the coming cold. Water encourages new growth, which won’t survive the freezing temperatures. 

Water less frequently and more intensely during the fall, and stop watering when the ground freezes. Frozen soil won’t absorb water easily, creating runoff that doesn’t help your trees. During this time, keep an eye on your trees and speak to our professional team if you’re concerned your trees need water. 

Pruning Tree Branches and Branch Supports

Fall is an opportune time to prune your trees. Tree sap is less readily available, keeping your tree from expending too much energy and allowing it to heal as needed. Because of its dormant state, a tree stores energy instead of putting it towards fruit and leaf growth. 

During the spring and summer, a tree directs all its energy to new growth and flowering. It’s unwise to force the tree to redirect that energy toward healing. Unless you have a tree emergency, wait to prune until fall for optimal results. 

For weaker limbs that don’t require pruning, consider using supports, called cabling, to keep them from breaking prematurely. Hire our professional arborists to do this task because improper cabling may kill your tree and endanger you.

Tree Care Tips for Proper Nutrient Absorption 

Fall tree care involves many aspects. Some helpful ways to boost tree health are the following:

  • Mulch around your tree to mitigate water loss and keep the ground from freezing 
  • Cover your tree with a protective cloth, plastic, and paper to keep the bark from breaking or freezing
  • Apply a slow-release fertilizer to your trees during the fall months to keep your trees adequately fed during the winter months. 

Always speak to our expert tree specialists about your tree’s needs before acting. Every tree is different and may require varying types of assistance. A professional will help you with your tree’s unique needs.

Inspecting Your Trees Before the Winter Months 

We strongly encourage you to have your trees inspected before winter sets in. Tree branches may need removal, or your tree may get infected with a disease or pest infestation that will kill it over the winter. 

Fixing these issues before winter allows the tree to rest and promotes healthy growth during the coming spring. Preparation is vital, and autumn is the perfect time for it. Your trees deserve proper care, and they will thank you by growing strong and healthy in the coming years. Mulching around trees encourages proper hydration and helps trees absorb nutrients for survival. For expert tips on fall tree care, contact Urban Jacks Tree Service at (501) 547-4018 to request a consultation in Arkadelphia, AR.


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