Top Reasons Why DIY Tree Trimming Is Not a Good Idea 

Tree trimming is highly beneficial for all species and types of trees. Regular trimming helps your trees grow and develop into healthy and safe plants that can improve the overall lawn aesthetic. 

Although it looks simple, you should avoid DIY tree trimming. This process requires professional knowledge, skills, and tools; if you do it wrong, it could cause severe damage to your lawn. 

The tree service professionals in Hot Springs from Urban Jacks Tree Service share a few reasons why you should leave trimming to experts.

Reasons to Avoid DIY Tree Trimming 

With proper pruning and trimming, you can remove dead branches or diseased limbs to ensure healthy tree growth. However, even if you have to remove several tree branches, hiring a professional to do it is better than cutting down the limbs yourself. Here is why:

Dangerous Task 

When trimming a tree, there is a potential risk of accidents, especially when climbing to cut down higher trees. It is also possible for heavy branches to fall on you and cause severe injuries. Additionally, the branches could fall on your property or electrical wires, causing expensive damage. 

When working with professional arborists for tree pruning services, you can rest assured that they have the gear and tools necessary to reach high trees safely without putting anyone at risk. They are also aware of the safety protocols and know how to avoid possible accidents. 

Permanent Damage

Basic knowledge, training, and experience with tree care are necessary for properly trimming and pruning. Professional and certified arborists undergo years of training and education to acquire the necessary experience to safely and efficiently complete the services. 

If you or someone else performs improper tree trimming, you risk causing permanent damage, including infection, disease, or worse. For example, it is common to make trimming mistakes using dull tools or wrong gear. As a result, you can over-prune the trees or cut more than you should, leaving your tree vulnerable and susceptible to pests and diseases. 

Fortunately, professional arborists know how to avoid these mistakes and ensure proper trimming and tree development. 

Tree Hazards Aren’t Easy to Notice 

Branches can look healthy while rotting from the inside. These particular issues are sometimes difficult to predict or notice, especially if you don’t have experience. When branches rot from the inside, they can break if you walk on them while trying to cut other limbs. 

Professional arborists know how to separate healthy from risky branches and which ones aren’t safe to climb when trimming. They often use a crane or a bucket truck to remove these branches to prevent injury or major property damage. 

Unpleasant Appearance 

The results from DIY tree trimming could get ugly. You don’t want to look at your misshapen trees or deformed branches every day, don’t you?

With professional tree services, you can rest assured that you won’t have to deal with the stress of an unpleasant tree appearance. Instead, you will have healthy, attractive, and graceful-looking trees. 

With the right trimming tools and methods, you can also promote the healthy growth of leaves and flowers. 

Partner with the #1 Team in Hot Springs for Professional Tree Trimming 

Instead of spending your free time on DIY tree trimming and risk damaging your plants, consider partnering with the best team in Hot Springs for professional trimming services. 

From providing a step-by-step guide to tree topping to explaining the benefits of professional trimming and sharing pruning tips, you can count on Urban Jacks Tree Service to meet your needs and exceed expectations. Call (501) 547-4018 to schedule your services. 


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