Five Low-Maintenance Trees to Plant on Your Yard

Before you plant a tree in your yard, make sure it can survive in your soil conditions and climate. If you have acidic soils, for example, can the tree you plan to plant survive? You also want to consider wind, sun exposure, and drainage.  

Trees also need maintenance to stay healthy and thrive. However, not all trees require the same amount of care. As Malvern’s expert tree service, we’ll highlight five low-maintenance trees that will grow in various conditions and adapt to a wide variety of soil types.  

1. Jacaranda  

If you live in a warmer area that gets a lot of sun, the jacaranda makes a good choice for a low-maintenance tree with a wide canopy for ideal shade. They require minimal pruning and care and have good drought tolerance when established.  

In addition to their pest and disease resistance, jacaranda trees produce vibrant purple-blue flowers that bloom in the summer to create a spectacular display. They also promote biodiversity by attracting bees, hummingbirds, and butterflies.  

2. Redbud  

Redbuds are low-maintenance trees that will surely impress by adding bursts of color to your landscape, making them ideal trees for small backyards. They’re available in varieties with red, yellow, or tri-colored foliage. Unlike some flowering varieties, they also smell good and work well for smaller yards.  

While you should plant redbuds in moist, well-drained soils, they can resist heat and drought. Redbuds rarely have pest and disease issues, but if problems occur, you can treat the trunk with various horticultural oil types.  

3. Sea Grape  

The sea grape is a flowering tree that makes a fantastic option for beginner gardeners. The tree grows in full sun to partial shade and will resist wind, drought, and salty conditions, making it ideal for coastal environments.   

You may prune it for size and grow it as a small tree or leave it untrimmed and let it grow naturally. Besides its low maintenance, the seagrape looks exotic and bears delicious fruit.  

4. Japanese Maple Trees  

These low-maintenance trees feature vibrant red leaves that will brighten up any landscape. Japanese maple trees can grow across the country, except for in extremely hot or cold climates. They need no special planting technique, grow in a range of light conditions, and adapt to various soil types.  

5. Crape Myrtle  

Many property owners choose crape myrtles for year-round garden appeal, beautiful foliage, and clusters of pink, red, lavender, purple, and white flowers. They boast many outstanding features and require minimal effort to grow and maintain.  

Provided you give them the basics (sun, water, and an occasional light trim), they thrive with very little fuss. Crape myrtle boasts exceptional resilience and can be planted any time of the year, even in the summer — as long as you water them well.  

Bottom Line  

Choosing the right tree for your yard allows you to create a beautiful and functional space without worrying about time-consuming upkeep and high maintenance needs. 

Trust Your Local Tree Experts for Help  

When you need a tree care and maintenance company that will help you create the lawn of your dreams, reach out to Urban Jacks Tree Service. We care about your property and don’t cut any corners. Our customers count on us for various tree care solutions, including:  

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  • Forestry mulching  

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