Why Do Fungi Grow on Trees?

Why do fungi grow on trees? While it might look very rustic, it’s never good news when fungus grows on trees. In this post, Urban Jacks Tree Service, Malvern’s trusted tree service, explains more about tree fungus.

How Does Fungus Harm Your Tree? 

A fungus might present itself as a type of mushroom, soft spots on the bark, or other abnormal growth. The problem is that, by the time you see the mushrooms growing on a tree, they’ve done a lot of damage. Much of the time, the fungus spreads from the inside out, meaning the exterior growth may mean the tree is already too far gone to save. This results in the wood decomposing due to the enzymes the fungi produce.

The mushrooms are the fungi’s reproductive feature. It’s these growths that produce the spores that allow the fungi to spread. 

Therefore, the question, “Why do fungi grow on trees?” is probably less important than knowing what you should do about it. 

What to Do About Fungus on Trees

Your first course of action should be to call an arborist to conduct a tree risk assessment. The trouble with a fungal infection is that it softens the supportive internal structure of the tree, destabilizing it. It may be possible to save the tree, but if it isn’t, you need to know if it’s at imminent risk of falling over.

Whatever the case, the sooner you get the right advice, the better. Calling in a pro can stop the infection in a timely fashion or, at the very least, prevent it from spreading. It’s also a useful safeguard if you need to remove the tree before it crashes down onto your property or on a family member. 

How We Deal With Fungal Infections 

Our first step is to identify the fungus and evaluate the extent of the damage. If you call us in quickly enough, we might be able to save the tree with some judicious pruning. That is always our first goal, as we don’t want to fell trees unless it’s essential. 

Once we identify the fungus, we’ll determine the best treatment strategy. We’ll work out how to remove the diseased tissue and how to prevent the disease from spreading further. However, we do take your safety into consideration. If large sections of the trunk are soft, or we feel that the roots or heartwood’s affected, we’ll recommend removal. We’ll also do so if the tree’s dying or mostly dead or if the disease compromised its structural integrity.

If, in our opinion, the tree is likely to topple or the branches are likely to break off, we’ll let you know. We can discuss the safe way to do this and how to dispose of the diseased wood. We don’t recommend keeping it, as the disease can spread quite easily. We can arrange to get rid of it safely for you. As for the mushrooms themselves, we’ll dispose of them since they can potentially be deadly.

Contact Our Team Today!

Now you can answer, “Why do fungi grow on trees?” you know that this isn’t a benign issue. If you see those tell-tale mushrooms, give us a call so we can help you learn how to tell if a tree is dying. Our professionals are ready to help you try and save your tree — or remove it if it’s an issue. We are skilled, reliable professionals that are ready to go the extra mile on your behalf.

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