How to Take Care of Your Trees in the Summer

Hot summer months in Arkansas can prove fatal for trees. If you have a newly planted tree in your yard, you must take extra steps to care for it. Young trees are more likely to die from a lack of water while there are high temperatures. 

Furthermore, even mature trees can suffer from a lack of water. This depends on the length of time they’ve gone without it. Paying attention to visual clues, such as wilted or discolored leaves, dying branches, and bone-dry soil, can help you save a tree before it perishes. 

Here are our top 5 tips to promote healthy trees in summer. 

Top 5 Tips to Care for Trees in Summer

  1. Cover the Soil with Mulch

Retaining soil moisture is one of the best ways to preserve the life of your trees. By overlaying mulch on top of the soil, you can reduce competition for water from weeds and also conserve it. It’s best to use organic mulch, such as wood chips, as it works more effectively. 

To place mulch, put about 3-4 inches in a donut shape around the tree. Avoid laying mulch directly on the base of the tree, as this can cause problems such as rot or increased pests. 

  1. Water Your Trees (But Don’t Waste!)

If you do not water carefully, much of the moisture that you give your trees either evaporates or other plants suck it up through their roots. You should use a sprinkler or drip system to ensure that the tree receives the proper amount of water. 

Allowing the water to seep into the soil slowly gives the root system more time to soak up the moisture. Thus, putting your watering system on a lower setting for longer is more beneficial. 

After planting trees that are younger, water them every week for the first year. Though the best time to plant is spring, you can also attempt it during the summer. When summer planting, make sure that you water young trees even more frequently. 

You can water mature trees much less frequently, though the time frame largely depends on the species. It’s best to consult with a professional arborist, such as this top tree service company in Bryant, or consult a guide about your specific species of tree. 

  1. Prune Weak or Dead Branches

Though most pruning should take place in either the fall or winter season, you should trim trees with diseased or damaged branches in the summer. This encourages strong growth and alleviates stress on the tree. 

In particular, you should prune flowering trees during the summer. Because they stop blooming at this time of year, trimming weak growth can help the tree. Consider hiring a professional arborist to complete this job for you. 

  1. Perform Regular Health Checks

Regularly check to make sure that your trees don’t show signs of disease or distress, such as discoloration, mold spots, wilted leaves, pests, etc. Pest inspection is particularly important as Japanese beetles and spider mites are mobile during these months. 

  1. Fertilize and Manage Pests

Environmentally-friendly fertilizers can provide the necessary nutrients to boost your tree’s health during the summer. Pest management for trees in summer is also highly important, as these insects can weaken your tree’s defense system. Contact a professional arborist to help with tree care. 

Looking for a Professional Arborist in Bryant, AR?

If you need more help caring for your trees in summer, contact Urban Jacks Tree Service. You can schedule storm cleanup, lot clearing, and even tree health care by calling (501) 547-4018. If you want to know more about tree health and care, you can also check out our blog!


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