Main Benefits of Stump Grinding

People cut down trees to convert them into timber, fuel, furniture, create space, or other safety and security reasons. No matter the explanations you have, you need to know that a dead tree stump poses more risks than a living tree. In some cases, a tree stump regenerates into a new tree. If you want to get rid of the tree completely, you hire a tree surgeon or use one of the treatment options available in the market today. Digging, burning, using tree removal chemicals, and stump grinding are among the most popular tree removal methods you can use. Here we will discuss the main benefits of stump grinding services in Little Rock, AR.

1. Prevents unwanted sprouts from growing

Cutting down a tree does not automatically prevent it from growing. As long as it is getting enough water, it can regenerate into a new tree. If your goal was to create more space in your yard, you should consider permanent stump removal services such as stump grinding. Talk to the Urban Jacks Tree Service team in North Little Rock on the phone for free estimates today.

2. Enhances the safety of your garden

Protruding tree stumps are a risk to playing children. As they enjoy themselves in the yard, they will always bump into the tree stump and injure themselves. Tree stumps can also cause your guests to trip and fall, not forgetting the possibility of overgrown roots from neglected tree stumps causing accidents outside your home. Permanent stump removal services can help you create a safe environment for your family and neighbors in North Little Rock. Urban Jacks in Little Rock, AR, can help you with tree trimming, stump removal, and other tree services in the Arkansas area at an affordable price.

3. Makes lawn mowing easier

Unsightly stumps are a pain to lawnmowers. Having stumps all over the yard prevents the lawnmower from running smoothly and removing overgrown grass. You may have to cut the grass around tree stumps to minimize accidents manually. However, getting rid of an unsightly stump will clear all this hustle for you and give you a clearer yard to mow and enough space for all your landscaping needs. Contact Urban Jacks for a low-cost tree service you can trust in North Little Rock, AR.

4. Grinding is faster than other stump removal options.

Stump grinding saves a lot of time than digging, burning, and use of chemicals. To dig out a tree stump, you must dislodge all roots from the ground no matter how deep they run. After this, you must cut the stump into small pieces then dump it. Finally, you need to fill up the hole to prevent accidents. A tree service professional in Little Rock, AR, will take a couple of hours to days to complete this process.

Burning, on the other hand, requires the tree to be dry enough to catch fire. Once you light the fire, you need to sit there until the stump is completely burnt to prevent a fire hazard. If you are hiring a tree service business in Little Rock to do it, you may end up paying a high cost for it.

If you are using chemicals, you need to remove the bark from the stump first, drill holes around the stump, apply your preferred chemical then wait for the stump to rot. Once it decomposes, you must dig it out and fill the void, a process that may take a tree services business in Little Rock a couple of weeks to complete.

On the other hand, grinding requires the use of a special stump removal grinding machine to remove the stump from the ground. This option is very fast but requires someone with grinding expertise and equipment handling experience. If you need help removing tree stumps in the Central Arkansas area, call Urban Jacks for professional tree services in Little Rock today.

5. Reduces risk of pest infestation

A dead tree stump is very attractive to insects, pests, and diseases. Mold, mildew, and other organisms find it a safe place to grow. In addition, termites, ants, and beetles find it a comfortable place to make their home. Bacteria may also start growing there and eventually spread to other plants within the yard, driving your compound a health hazard. Professional stump removal services ensure maximum protection for you, your family, and the other plants in the mixture. Call Urban Jacks Tree Services in Little Rock, AR, for professional stump removal services.

6. Improves your property’s curb appeal

A tree service professional in Little Rock can help you increase the value of your property. If you cannot get a good buyer for your property, ensure the compound is in its best shape by removing any unsightly stumps around. Grind all the stumps, follow this process with an excellent clean-up, and publish your property listing. Do not mind the cost of removing the unsightly stumps; you can always recover from the property buyer.

You and your family deserve a great-looking home. However, you do not need to make your home look beautiful only when you are selling it. After a storm or when you cut a tree for any reason, make it a habit to hire a professional tree service to permanently remove the stumps so you can enjoy staying in a neat, clean space. Urban Jacks in Little Rocks can help you with tree trimming, pruning, stump removal, and clean up any day of the week.

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Whether you have woken up to fallen trees after storm damage or need more space for landscaping, a tree service professional can help you get the job done faster and more efficiently. Urban Jacks is a tree service business based in Hot Springs Village but services the surrounding area of Little Rock.. Our tree service business offers a wide range of tree services, including excavation, land and lot clearing, stump grinding and root removal, tree healthcare services, tree trimming and pruning services in Little Rock, AR, and surrounding areas.

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